Bladder Stone in dog

Posted: August 23, 2010 by vet02ugm in Our Case

drh Zita Okarina

@ZitaPetClinic, Jl. Raya Muchtar no 8, Sawangan – Depok


Patient details : Vodka, a male 2.5 years old, Mini Schnauzer dog

History : Vodka was presented to our clinic on 25th of July 2010 with a primary complain of blood in the urine (hematuria). The dog was hospitalized in our clinic for intensive treatments.

Diagnostic workout : Radiography was done. A lateral view of abdomen cavity Complete blood check-up

Radiographs finding : White clear object appears inside the blader image of X-ray

Blood haematology reveals : White Blood Count is high, showing an infection

Treatment given : Intravenous fluid therapy was given Cystotomy surgery with gas anaesthesia was carried out on 26th of July 2010 due to removing the bladder stone

Antibiotics – Enrofloxacin, Antiinflammatory – Meloxicam

He was discharge after 7 days of hospitalization, and went back home happily.

  1. aldi says:

    pantes aja kena batu ginjal, minumnya vodka siy…

  2. ibrahim says:

    Untuk anjing mini seperti itu besar bgt blader stone nya dok…ck ck ck

  3. onlinevet says:

    di indonesia banyak kucing yg kena batuginjal karena keseringan makan pindang…kalo di malaysia gmn y?

    • Zit says:

      Online Vet,

      Selama saya bertugas di Malaysia, belum ada kejadian kidney stone atau batu ginjal, yang ada adalah bladder stone atau batu dalam kandung kemih.
      Dan penyebab batu dalam kandung kemih ini biasanya karena memakan dry food merk tertentu yang ada di pasaran bebas atau disebut dengan commercial cat food.
      Sedangkan untuk batu ginjal sendiri, karena belum ada kasus, jadi saya tidak dapat menjawab 🙂


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